Hands-On Therapies
Acupressure for Animals and their People


Back Problems

My beautiful Oldenburg mare had a terrible start under saddle by a renowned so cal hunter/jumper trainer 6 years ago and would now be called cool backed due to this. Her behavior to be saddled was tense and she was never again soft and fluid in movement. I had tried other body work and chiropractic treatments over the years with no real success and then I found Tronica. The very next day after Fallyns' first treatment I was almost in tears to watch my mare move so freely... and her saddling was more relaxed and accepting! Tronica has a true gift and sincerely cares about your horses' well being. She even showed me some points to work so I can help my mare along every time I take her out.  Tronica THANK YOU!!

-- Kimberly D.

Aggressive Mare

"I bought a mare two years ago and always struggled with biting and fear-based aggressive behavior, until after one acupressure session with Tronica.  For five days after that session, Rose transformed each day into a more confident, kind horse.  Rose and I have now built a close relationship.  It is like Tronica helped remove an emotional wall.  Thank you Tronica!!!!"

-- Sabrina C.

Timid Dog

"I wanted to tell you about Phoenix.  She's a different dog after her time with you.  Much more confident.  On the way home, she didn't try to hide from everyone.  I was very impressed with the difference.  And it seems to have continued.  She still is a bit timid about strangers, but is much quicker to warm up to people.  So thank-you."

-- Pat H.