Relationships are important to me.  I care about how my clients feel, function, and relate. I use Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, and Tui Na to clear blockages, fortify deficiencies, and enable the body's natural healing mechanisms to function properly.


I invite you to work with me for yourself or your animal to experience the benefits of non-invasive acupressure to gain balance in your body or assist in the maintenance of your good health.





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How Does Acupressure Work?

When my son gets hiccups that won't stop, I press my fingers on points at the bottom edge of his rib cage and soon his hiccups are gone.  When my friend gets a migraine headache, I hold 2 points on her foot and after a while his migrane is gone.  How does that work?

Acupressure and acupuncture are both part of the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The underlying premise of TCM is that within our bodies is a network of pathways called meridians through which energy called Qi (“chee”), flows.  These meridians are connected both with each other and the tissues and organs of the body and are responsible for transporting Qi, which influences the flow of blood, and body fluids throughout the body.  When the meridians are open and flowing, the body is healthy.  

When a blockage, excess, or deficiency condition occurs within a meridian, the body exhibits signs of disharmony or illness.  Symptoms can range from lethargy to anxiety, from fever to chills, from local pain, swelling, and stiffness like shoulder, hock or other joint problems to pain deeper in the body like digestive and menstrual disorders.  

There are 359 standard points on the body and many of them are located around joints including the synovial joints that we commonly think of as joints like the shoulders and knees (stifle), but also cartilaginous joints like the intervertebral joints of the spine and the costochondral joints of the rib cage.  Practitioners stimulate points on the meridians to diffuse excesses or tonify deficiencies and thus enable the flow of Qi, blood and body fluids to keep the body balanced and healthy. The intent of acupressure and acupuncture is to clear the core imbalance behind the ailment which also alleviates the pain, stiffness, edema or other external indicators of the imbalance.


Benefits of Acupressure

• Reducing fear, anxiety and stress

• Dealing with issues of aging and past injuries

• Improving the body’s flexibility and mobility

• Relieving muscle spasms and stiffness

• Strengthening muscles, tendons, joints, and bones

• Building the immune system to resolve or prevent illness

• Balancing energy to optimize the body’s natural ability to heal

• Releasing natural cortisone to reduce swelling and inflammation

• Releasing endorphins necessary to increase energy or relieve pain

• Enhancing mental clarity and calm required for focus in training and performance

• Resolving injuries more readily by increasing blood supply and removing toxins.


Acupressure is not intended to replace regular medical or veterinary care.  Nothing on this site should be construed as medical advice.

In case of an emergency dial 911.